Elders familly

Religion is what man gives instead of coming up into the Relationship that only God has . . . for all who will let Him be God. In this life that relationship is called Salvation, and it is a process – not an event. You must decide for yourself if you want the dead dry religion of the world and it’s way of doing things – or true Faith in God, which is how He does everything. Making disciples is the Great Commission. This whole thing is not about what you think you know, it’s about doing what you’re told. And that’s what we do here, get you to do what the Bible tells you while doing what it says ourselves. It does not sound very attractive to the Selfish nature of our Flesh, which is dying as we speak. Like all Biological life, it’s time is very limited – and all of the Time being given has been for one purpose. To give you a chance to join His Side, so that He can give you everything that He has. The Bible speaks of a time before Adam and Eve, and there will be a time after this one. But the only ones who will be with Him there, are those that are with Him here. Who are you with . . .


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