DSC00339Sentrich, foundation Uganda is located at Wakiso Town Council, in Wakiso District. In our beloved country, Uganda nobody can claim to possess the magic wound that can solve the immunerable problem facing the various categories of the people. SENTRICH is an NGO whose objectives include; 1. Come to the aid of the marginalized people in our community, especially the elderly people who can no longer adequately maintain themselves and their families offer, most elderly people get abandoned by their grown up children with no means of supporting themselves getting medical care, medicine and a proper diet. Loneliness of these people is really a very serious problem. They need company but cannot get it. SENTRICH has already identified several of these people in Wakiso Town Council and other Sub counties in Wakiso District at large. 1. School children; these are numerous canes of failure of children to attend school for lack of note books, pencils, pens, shoes and something to eat at lunch time. Their performance is always very poor. They need help. 2. Idleness by the youths is the number one problem in the community. I dleness leads to bad habits, drunkenness, HIV/AIDS and breaking the laws. SENTRICH is in the fore front to mobilize youths to create activities that are profitable. 3. We want to create and establish jobs that require to bare minimum education that can be done with a minimum of space, capital and knowledge. 4. Access to useful information is the key factor in creating awareness when the youth get informed; they begin to ask relevant information concerning their own status and begin to wish to improve a lot. Nobody is going to help all of them free. But they must be helped in the beginning. SENTRICH is in the fore front in this cause. 1. The population of Uganda is increasing at an alarming rate you only need to stand by the road side even small towns such as Wakiso Town Council to see the large number of young women who are either pregnant or carrying a baby on their backs or walking with toddlers ( 2-5 years). What can be done? SENTRINCH calls upon all men and women of good intentions and who are in a position to help in the noble task mentioned above to contact us at …..


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